Whether it’s working at our rig bases or in the field, Maple Creek Endless Tubing’s commitment to safety is of the highest priority to our employees, our clients, all persons involved with our operations, the public and to the environment.

Being a COR recognized business since 2004 with Energy Safety Canada, members with ISNetworld, ComplyWorks and Avetta and an Occupational Health and Safety committee/representative‚Äôs compliant organization amongst our personnel for further improvement of our safety program combined with a thorough and intensive safety manual makes our safety program a useful proven tool in the ever-changing oil and gas servicing sector.

Our Commitment to Safety

  1. The health and safety of our personnel, and the public are paramount to the company.
  2. All of our equipment will meet or exceed the applicable standards.
  3. Continuous improvement in equipment, standards, and personnel training will be key to prevention of injuries, equipment damage, and environmental damage.