Field Supervisors

Maple Creek Endless Tubing’s field supervisors are in place for their determination, their organization for booking work, and their wealth of knowledge of the coil tubing rigs operations, the rigs maintenance and repairs, and all down-hole tools and associated equipment that are operated with the coil tubing units.

Any questions our rig supervisors or your gas company representatives have our field supervisors know or will find the answer in a timely manner.

Rig Supervisors and Lease Hands

Maple Creek Endless Tubing’s employees are and always will be their most valued asset. They are trained in Well Servicing B.O.P., Coil Tubing B.O.P., Confined Space Entry and Rescue, Fall Protection, H2S Alive, Level A C.P.R. and First Aid, T.D.G., I.R.P. 16/P.S.T, WHIMS, G.O.D.I., Oilfield Haulers, Hours of Service and Fatigue Management, NSC Driver Fundamentals and with well over 100 years of combined oil field experience in our employees, they are in turn sought after for their intelligence of coil tubing units and their operations.

Safety/Transportation Team

Our safety/transportation team has a great understanding of the work being done and a greater understanding of the overall safety, transportation and mechanical aspects of Maple Creek Endless Tubing and its operations and combined with their high level of training are a great asset to the business.