Pumper Units

#T11 Pumper Unit

Built in 2009, this tridem axle’d fifth wheel trailer unit mounted in a Sea-Can is capable of pumping at 2,200 p.s.i., has a flow rate of 1bbl/min - 0.16m3/min, and contains a 4 m3 tank inside.

This unit works great with master valve changes and setting plugs making MCET a one call for all abandonment needs.

2013 Western Star 4900TS

  • Tandem-Tridem Truck
  • 10ksi Fluid Pump/Hot Oiler Unit - SJ Petroleum Machinery STP600S 10ksi Triplex Fluid Pump
  • 7.5 MBTU Fabmaster Burner
  • Flowserve Durco Mark 3 2k Mission/Centrifuge Pump
  • 3 compartment 10,000 Liter Hamms Tank
  • TCB Fluid Management System
  • On-board Chemical Injection Pump