E-coil is a coil tubing string with a single conductor cable installed within the coil, a pin sub assembly attached at the end of the coil string, and used in conjunction with a wire-line company’s line truck.  Maple Creek Endless Tubing Services has been working with E-coil since 1992 and it has proven time and again a cost, time, and production efficient piece of equipment for slant and monobore horizontal wells.

With e-coil, we are capable of completing any task that a wire-line can do, being it perforating, logging, setting plugs, or chemical cutting without the need to run tractors down-hole to achieve desired depth.  With the recent purchase of a new pin-sub tool, we are capable of pumping fluid with our e-coil string making it so we can circulate during scraping and filling of the well-bore eliminating the need for a 2nd coil rig.